Historic Hong Kong

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ArtWalk is predominantly held in Central Hong Kong - a fragile heritage-laden area of street markets, back lanes, old traditional shops, artisans and the historically important former Victoria Prison and Central Police Station and the Former Police Married Quarters. This amalgam is made richer by the close proximity of the central business district and a variety of restaurants, bars and late-night clubs. Unfortunately, the area is under great development pressure.

As some of you are aware, the debate over the last few years to preserve Hong Kong's older areas (Central, Mong Kok, To Kwan Wan etc.) is also a battle about preserving Hong Kong's special ambience; it is our unique low-rise streetscapes, street markets, back lanes and street activity that best articulates our history: these tightly packed streets and lanes were the beginnings of a Hong Kong that has evolved into one of the world’s great mercantile and financial centres.

Hong Kong is also a place of passionately defended freedoms: of expression, religious, artistic, political & of intellectual beliefs. These old Hong Kong streets saw China's Republican movement grow through Sun Yat-sen's powers of persuasion and tactical maneuvering – and led to the eventual formation of Modern China. And, it is here in Hong Kong, that harmony, tolerance and vigorous debate is the result of freedom of expression and the rule of law – the perfect place to freely view art.

You can contribute to the debate about better urban planning and heritage preservation by keeping abreast of planning proposals. The following links are useful: