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1. Are ArtWalk tickets available now?
Yes! Tickets are NOW on sale!

2. Where can I get the tickets?
Click here for latest ticketing information.

3. Are there any discounts?

No. ADULT tickets are HK$450 each. If you are a full-time student in a local tertiary institute, you can buy a student ticket at HK$150. You will need to show your valid student ID when you purchase a ticket.

4. Where can I buy student tickets?
ArtWalk STUDENT tickets are no longer available for sale.

5. Are credit cards accepted?

No. Payment is only by cash.

6. Can I still buy tickets on the event day?

Only if tickets are still available – please buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

7. Is the ticket my entry pass to the galleries on ArtWalk night?

No. The ONLY entry pass into galleries on ArtWalk night is the official ArtWalk BADGE.
Remember: No BADGE No ENTRY to ArtWalk!
Volunteers check badges before entry into galleries is allowed.

8. Is this a charity event?
Yes, Our benefiting charity this year is the Society for Community Organization (SoCO). Last year, SoCO was also the benefiting charity and received HK$428,000 – raised from the sale of ArtWalk tickets.

9. What do I get if I buy a ticket for ArtWalk?

You will:

  1. - Have entry to all 65 participating galleries between 5pm to 12 midnight on 16 March 2011.
  2. - Have free 'finger food' donated by 60 participating restaurants.
  3. - Be served wine sponsored by each gallery.
  4. - Be able to drink Pure Blonde beer and Solé mineral water - kindly donated to each gallery.
  5. - Be able to use restaurant discount vouchers on the night of ArtWalk (and valid until 30 March 2011).
  6. - Be eligible to receive gifts from our sponsors if you have completed your contact details on your ArtWalk ticket.
  7. - Receive the comprehensive ArtWalk brochure & map listing all participating galleries, outlining the additional ArtWalk Extra events during ArtWalk and other information related to art in Hong Kong.
  8. - Be guaranteed to have an enjoyable night!

10. Where does ArtWalk start?

For ADULT Ticket Holders: You can START at ANY of the galleries on ArtWalk night. But remember first to wear your ArtWalk Entry Badge.
For STUDENT Ticket Holders: You can ONLY START at 2/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre – where, between 5pm to 8pm, you can collect your ArtWalk entry badge, brochure and map.

11.Can I visit all the ArtWalk galleries in one night?
It is possible! Pace yourself and plan your route by visiting some of the outlying galleries earlier in the night.

12. Some galleries are situated in Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, Happy Valley and Aberdeen – how do I get there?
Sharing taxis with other ArtWalk participants is a quick way to visit galleries further afield. Trams also quickly reach galleries located in Wan Chai and Causeway Bay and Bus #1 (caught in Central outside Worldwide House and along Hennessy Road) will quickly take you to Happy Valley. The galleries situated in the Hing Wai Centre near Aberdeen are a short taxi trip from Aberdeen.

13. Is there any after-ArtWalk function (e.g. after 12 midnight)?


14. What happens if it rains on ArtWalk night?
ArtWalk will still be held on ArtWalk night even if there is rain. ArtWalk will only be cancelled if Typhoon Signal Number 8 is raised. This website will have up-to-date information on ArtWalk day, 16 March 2011.

15. Where is the best place for the public to get up to-date information about ArtWalk?

Check the official ArtWalk website - which will be regularly updated in the last days of ticket sales: use your 'refresh' button to reload pages.

16. Are there contact numbers for the public to ring?
The ArtWalk information contacts are:
Tel: (852) 9267 0915
Email: artwalk2011@gmail.com

17. Will all the ArtWalk tickets be sold?

Yes - all ArtWalk tickets will be sold. We suggest you buy immediately to avoid disappointment!

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