ArtWalk Extra


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A highlight every year at ArtWalk: ArtWalk Extra promotes Hong Kong artists and are extra events seen while walking from gallery to gallery on Hong Kong’s historic streets.  Detailed information will be in the ArtWalk brochure.

ArtWalk Extra artist installations, performances and videos are planned for 2014. Full details to be announced.

ArtWalk Extra - images from previous years

At venues/fixed locations

  • The Society for Community Organization (SoCO) will present an exhibition by Benny Lam about the crowded living conditions of Hong Kong’s poor at The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • Rental United, the three-member performance group of Damon Tong, Stephanie Sin, Timothy Zau, will simulate a visit to a Chinese foot massage parlour at The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • Sunday Lai will use a van parked on the street to show a video installation about her experience of driving – near The Space, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • DeeM will display modernist furniture and design ware at G/F, 252 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • Ling Pui Sze will show a video of a performance of her playing the zheng after ‘inking’ the strings to produce an ink painting – near G/F, 190 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • Niko de la Faye will exhibit a light installation on a Chinese tricycle that he rode from Beijing to Hong Kong – on steps, near 10 Shin Hing Street, Central. Organised by
  • Kitty Ko Sin Tung will show a new video installation, placed beside a rubbish bin near 72 Hollywood Road, Central.
  • The Pottery Workshop will give practical ceramic making demonstrations in their Central workshop, 3/F, 29 Hollywood Road, Central.
  • Lai Chun Ling will give a performance reflecting on the Tai Ping Shan area of Sheung Wan on the steps of Pound Lane, Sheung Wan.
  • Front/Side Gallery from Shek Kip Mei will install an outdoor exhibition on the steps of Pound Lane, Sheung Wan.
  • Bosco Law Ka Nam will install a word-based sign installation for ArtWalk participants to follow near 252 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • RTHK Radio 3 will again be broadcasting live from ArtWalk!
  • bFelix furniture & art objects G/F, 192A Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan.
  • Emma Fordham will open her studio in Wong Chuk Hang, for ArtWalk participants to visit a working artist’s studio at 9/F, Unit B, Block A, Kingley Industrial Building, 35 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang.
  • Richard Zawitz will open his sculpture studio at 3/F, Yally Industrial Building, Wong Chuk Hang.
  • Studio Phil Akashi, 7/F, Unit E, Derrick Industrial Building, 49 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang.

Around the streets of Central, Sheung Wan & Wong Chuk Hang

  • Morgan Wong will‘employ’ his father to visit ArtWalk galleries as a potential buyer/collector. He will be discretely videotaped as documentation.
  • David Clarke will give away free art on the night of ArtWalk: photocopy images of other people also named ‘David Clarke’.
  • A duo from the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble will play contemporary music in galleries and on the streets of Wong Chuk Hang and Sheung Wan.
  • Gérard Henry will exhibit his fine ink drawings of Hong Kong, blown-up as photocopies and placed on walls and closed shops.
  • Him Lo will install temporary sculpture around Hollywood Road.
  • Ko Siu Lan will put up banners and posters along Hollywood Road and Queens Road, a new work called
  • Dustin Shum will exhibit photographs from his Blocks series of now-closed old shops and restaurants in public housing estates after an increase in rents by new owner The Link REIT. These images will be adhered to the façade of shops ‘to let’ around Central. Organised by The Salt Yard. See:
  • Timeless Cinema is a HK Baptist University Master of Visual Arts student project: using the stairs on the corner of Tai Ping Street and Pound Lane an outdoor cinema will be set up to show The World of Suzie Wong (Director: Richard Quine, 1960) – ArtWalk participants and residents can sit and watch this movie depicting a classic Hong Kong. See: